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Scholarships for outstanding young researchers

The outstanding young researchers received scholarships from the Minister of Science and Higher Education. 5 out of 18 scholarships at the Jagiellonian University went to the researchers at the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science: Anna Majcher Fitas, Kamil Korzekwa, Rafał Zuzak, Mateusz Łącki and Marcin Zagórski.

Welcome Richard!

Last week, Richard Ho from the University of Edinburgh joined our group as a postdoc. Richard will develop models that will help to understand regulatory mechanisms acting during neural pattern specification in the developing spinal cord.

Brain on waves

Together with Jeremi Ochab we organized workshop on how brain process information. Over 2-days gifted high school students from Polish Children’s Fund visited Jeremi’s lab in which we planned and carried out experiments using EEG. We measured response times and action potentials resulting from different visual stimuli, and verified a few research hypotheses. It was fun & science!

Testing the signal from 32-electrodes.