Open positions

Prospective postdocs and students interested in doing a PhD, Master’s, or Bachelor’s within our group are always welcome to contact me at

The call for scholarship for PhD students is now opened.

Mentoring program

Apart from research activity we offer mentoring program. The goal of the mentoring would be to develop scientific potential of the mentee allowing the mentee to become a successful and independent researcher. We advice and give feedback on: applying for jobs and independent funding, networking in science, writing publications, presentation skills, teaching and other science-related activities.

Graduate students, PhD students, and postdocs interested in the mentoring program are encouraged to contact me at

Electro-Cell project in Garage of Complexity

The project goal is to construct proxies of biological regulatory mechanisms by assembling electronic circuits to mimic different developmental functions. The project will result in physical implementation of cellular regulatory logic that could help us to investigate the principles driving the emergence of gene expression patterns in developing systems.

We are looking for ambitious students with interest in electric circuit assembly, programming skills and curiosity in biological aspect of the project. Visit or contact me directly at

Job openings

Scholarship for PhD students (application deadline 16 September 2020)

We are looking for a highly motivated candidate interested in the research scope of Zagorski group. The formal requirements include:

  • MSc in physics, mathematics, computer science or similar.
  • Successful application to PhD studies in Polish research institution or university,
  • Interest in the interdisciplinary aspect of the project,
  • Experience with numerical solvers (C++, Python, or Mathematica).
  • Good communication skills.
  • Experience in complex systems or biological networks will be an asset.

The project goal is to identify new regulatory mechanisms that affect patterning precision in the developing spinal cord. The successful candidate is expected to actively take part in the project by proposing and analyzing models in the framework of theoretical physics. The computational models will be informed with high resolution experimental data provided by external collaborators.

We offer possibility to take part in the interdisciplinary research realized in collaboration with experimental labs (Kicheva lab in Austria and Briscoe lab in UK). The research visits in foreign institutions and participation in international conferences are planned. As a group we also take part in different scientific activities that help to build a set of skills important for a future researcher.

The scholarship is 3 000 PLN per month for initial 24 months with possible extension. This amount can be increased by institutional scholarship for PhD students.

Application should consist of scientific CV, list of publications and one recommendation letter. The documents should be submitted to with annotation “scholarship”.

The project is financed by the National Science Centre Poland.