Marcin Zagórski (group leader)

I started as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Computer Science of Jagiellonian University in November 2018. Before that I did two postdocs at IST Austria, first with Tobias Bollenbach (currently at the University of Cologne) and second with Anna Kicheva. My research was focused on unravelling biophysical mechanisms resulting in precise patterning of developing spinal cord. I received my PhD in Physics at the Jagiellonian University for work on design principles of large gene regulatory networks with Zdzislaw Burda (currently at AGH, Kraków).




Maciej Majka (postdoc)

Maciej joined the group in June 2019. Before that he was a postdoc at Jagiellonian University in the Statistical Physics Division. He derived the thermodynamically consistent fluctuation-dissipation relation for the spatially correlated noise and applied it to describe the non-equilibrium effects in like-charge attraction of particles in ionic solutions. He received his PhD in Biophysics at Jagiellonian University for work on spatially correlated phenomena in soft matter and bio-molecular systems with Paweł Góra.





Richard Ho (postdoc)

Richard joined the group in October 2019. He did his PhD at the University of Edinburgh studying homogeneous isotropic turbulence under the supervision of Arjun Berera. During his PhD he also did research on the intersection of turbulence and chaos, using ideas from dynamical systems theory. This is his first postdoc position.






Jan Jedryszek (undergrad)

Jan joined the group in November 2019. He is a Neurobiology student at the Jagiellonian University. During his research internship at the European Space Agency EAC he worked on a system of bioreactors able to mine metals from the Moon and Mars with use of genetically-modified cells. In 2018 he gave a TED-X talk titled “The Art of Biological Machnines – Designing Life”.





Adela Staszowska (postdoc)

Adela has joined the group in July 2020. She did her PhD in Biophysics at the Randall Centre for Cell and Molecular Biophysics at King’s College London. She continued as a postdoc under supervision of Susan Cox. Her work focused on developing and implementing data- and image-analysis methods for super-resolution microscopy, in particular, clustering patterns in protein structures called podosomes. She has a keen interest in the innovation space on the industry-academia interface.