• Publication in PRL!

    March 7, 2023 by

    Our research article on stability of pattern formation in systems with dynamic source regions appeared last week in Physical Review Letters, The work is based on novel analytical framework developed by Maciej Majka. We showed that gene expression patterns can form stable domains with well-defined overlap region, yet without external feedback these domains can… Read more

  • Tomasz at Brainhack in Krakow

    November 4, 2022 by

    Tomasz hacked on the human brain’s diffusion MRI connectome in the first Brainhack held in Krakow between 21-23 October. It was a great opportunity to approach a new type of problem, explore a sizeable dataset with a variety of network analysis techniques and also to bring together the computational neuroscience community in Krakow!

  • Off-science discussion panel

    October 27, 2022 by

    Today we hold a second mtg in a series of discussion panels on non-scientific aspects of doing science. Together with Kasia Dziedzic-Kocurek we will moderate the discussion on how to keep work-life balance in academia and outside of it. We meet in Konfitura restaurant nearby campus at 17:30. The event poster has the list of… Read more

  • Poster award

    September 28, 2022 by

    The poster by Maciej Majka on stability of gene expression patterns presented at international conference Diffusion Fundamentals IX received an award. In justification, the organizers highlighted that the creative application of physics research methods to problems of biological nature was highly appreciated.

  • Smoluchowski & Diffusion Fundamentals

    September 20, 2022 by

    This week our group participates in the 35th Marian Smoluchowski Symposium and on Wednesday we switch to Diffusion Fundamentals. On both Maciej is presenting his research on stability of gene expression domains in developing tissues. It is great to meet in person!

  • DPG2022 in Regensburg

    September 14, 2022 by

    Last week Maciej Majka presented results on the stability of gene expression domains at the DPG Condensed Matter Section conference in Regensburg. The conference was great opportunity to attend broad range of Biophysics and Condensed Matter talks and network with other researchers!

  • PTBF2022 in Warsaw

    September 7, 2022 by

    The 18th Congress of the Polish Biophysical Society is ongoing in Warsaw, Many good talks on ligand-receptor interactions, gene regulation, and medical applications took place today. The day concluded with over 50 posters covering broad range of biophysical research.

  • Maciej Kania with BSc

    July 20, 2022 by

    Yesterday Maciej successfully defended his Bachelor thesis on the role of inhibitory synaptic plasticity in shaping neuronal dynamics. Good luck Maciej in your future neurobiology research!

  • Preprint on arXiv!

    June 30, 2022 by

    The latest results of Maciej’s project on how stable gene expression patterns are formed in systems with dynamic source regions are now available on-line at . Using a reaction-diffusion model with step-function production term, we identify phase transition between low-precision indeterminate patterning and the phase in which a well-defined contact zone between two domains… Read more

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