Preprint on arXiv!

The latest results of Maciej’s project on how stable gene expression patterns are formed in systems with dynamic source regions are now available on-line at . Using a reaction-diffusion model with step-function production term, we identify phase transition between low-precision indeterminate patterning and the phase in which a well-defined contact zone between two domains is formed.

Off-science discussion panel

Tomorrow we inaugurate a series of discussion panels on non-scientific aspects of doing science. Together with Kasia Dziedzic-Kocurek we will moderate the discussion on various aspects of doing PhD and what to do next. We meet in Konfitura restaurant nearby campus at 17:30. The event poster has the list of invited panel attendees and further details.

Talk on pattern stability!

Today Maciej Majka presented his results on stability of gene expression domains in developmental systems with dynamically formed sources of morphogens. The talk was part of the series of Interdisciplinary Seminars: Enigmas of Chance. Thank you everyone who took part in this hybrid event.

Cellular signaling talk!

Today Michał Komorowski from IPPT PAN in Warsaw will talk about making sense of cellular signaling complexity within the series of Interdisciplinary Seminars: Enigmas of Chance. We invite to join us stationary in seminar room D-2-43 or on-line via MS Teams. The talk starts at 12:00.

Maciej goes for Erasmus+ internship to IST Austria

Maciej Kania will start the Erasmus+ Internship in the Institute of Science and Technology Austria. He will work under supervision of prof. Tim Vogels, head of neurocomputational lab in the subject of synaptic plasticity, network dynamics and single-neuron biophysics. Traineeship will last 2 months from February to April 2022. Congratulations to Maciej!